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Our reputation is from our product’s quality. Providing high quality polymer while maintaining it’s price is the result of our years of experience in this industry.

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No business wants to lose it’s costumers. Commitment to costumer’s satisfaction and respecting their feedback is part of the Ehya group’s principles.

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Our team is eagerly looking forward to contact you for starting a long relationship.

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Aria Polymer Sadra company with the brand name Ehya Polymer with more than 30 years of experience is honored to be at your service in the field of industrial polymer production.


Shipping products all around the country

Fortunately after years of developing our market and introducing our products to a wide range of factories and industries, we were able to find costumers in different industrial categories. Recognizing costumer’s need and offering a suitable polymer is one of the reasons for our market penetration and developing the range of our costumers in different parts of the country

Why Ehya Polymer?


Focusing on details, delicacy on the process of production and continuous control on the quality of products is what distinguishes us from the rest.


All members of Ehya Polymer group are gathered for serving ,earning costumer’s satisfaction and having a long-term relationship with them.


With more than 30 years of experience in polymer production field, we have been always trying to preserve our genuineness and credibility with our costumers.