Aria Polymer Sadra with the brand name Ehya Polymer was founded in 1990.

The company was formed for producing polymers needed in different plastic injecting industries and has tried to provide each section of the industry with it’s suitable polymer.

Since then we have tried to improve the quality and performance of our produced polymer with the feedback of our costumers.

At the moment we produce polymers in polyethylene and polypropylene category but we have planned to grow our product portfolio in to other types of polymer as well.


1990: Emergence of the company with the aim of supplying the raw materials for polymeric industries.

2004: Establishing the first polymer processing plant for enhancing polymer in injecting process.

2018: Increasing the production capacity of factory from 200 tons to more than 350 tons per month.

2021: Adding the granulation process to the production line for a better homogenization of polymer.

2022: Full automation of shredding, washing and drying line of polymer